Summerset Side Burners


The summerset side burners is a professional grade side burner for your outdoor Barbecue grill that is designed around a professional Chef and last for many years to come. Summerset side burners and grills are made of 304 brushed Stainless Steel and have polished edges that are seamless. This gives the Barbeque a rich (expensive) look and feel. To get this (polished edges) you would have to spend lot’s more money then the Summerset series side burners sell for. The Summerset side burner comes with two double polished brass burners and last a Lifetime so if you live at the beach you won’t have to worry about the most expensive part of the grill needing to be replaced. Summerset side burner is made with heavy duty Stainless Steel grids which are bulletproof and will last for many trouble free years to come.