Summerset grills Stainless Steel

Summerset grills
Summerset grills are an all Stainless steel grill, usually with rear burners, and rotisseries. Built with quality materials you can be assured the BBQ grill will last for years of trouble free use. Most come with lights built into the grill, not only saving you time and money, you can see wat you are doing at night.
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The summerset TR Series is a professional grade outdoor Barbecue grill that is designed around a professional Chef and last for years to come. Summerset BBQ grills are made of 304 brushed Stainless Steel and has Polished edges that are seamless. This gives the Barbeque a rich (expensive) look and feel. To get this (polished edges) you would have to spend several thousand dollars more then the Summerset TR series grills sell for. The Summerset TR grill comes with 304 Stainless Steel Burners (Lifetime) so if you live at the beach you won’t have to worry about the most expensive part of the grill needing to be replaced because they are 304 Stainless Steel. The Summerset grill comes with a Temperature gauge (for roasting or indirect cooking), Ceramic briquettes that heat up and radiate an even heat so you won’t have cold spots on the grill. Summerset comes with heavy duty Stainless Steel grill which are bulletproof. The 32”, and 38” come with an infrared rear burner, and rotisserie for all your rotisserie needs. You can also order a bottom infrared burner for searing any meat to seal in all the juices and flavor. The Summerset TR series grills are a great bang for the buck and come in 26”, 32”, and 38”