Signature Series 3000 built in grill 5 Burner 12850

Signature Series 3000 built in grill 5 Burner 12850
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Product ID : 12850
Manufacturer: Beefeater



Beefeater 13850 S3000s premium 304 Stainless Steel BBQ grill that has s lifetime warranty and won't rust outdoors in the humid elements. Beef Eater barbecues have a highly modular design that is very attractive and has a modern look to it. The Beef eater S3000S comes with Rust free porcelain coated cast iron grid and griddle. There are also accessories like side burners, rotisseries, covers, parts readily available. Some of the actual features on the Beefeater Barbecue is they comes with Stainless steel Vaporizer panels to reduce flare up (We do want some flare-up for flavoring but we don't fires underneath).

Stainless steel heat deflectors keep the heat above the Lifetime Warranty Stainless Steel burners to conserve energy

Stainless steel drip tray to catches all the grease and garbage. The drip tray is easily accessible from the front of the grill no need to change a can or an aluminum drip tray.

Lifetime guarantee on the barbecue body with a lifetime guarantee on the Stainless Steel Burners.

Hose and regulator are included on the L.P. Models.

Suitable for LPG (Propane) or natural Gas your choice, just select which when you are ordering.

Quartz Start Technology (flame thrower) igniters on all burners (usually ignites on the first try) and has an igniter on each burner. (The best igniter on the market).

Beef Eater now comes with all new Stainless Steel Lifetime Warranty Burners (new 2010 models)

The Rust Free Cook tops are Porcelain coated cast iron. The Beefeater comes with a cast iron Cooking grid and griddle and cast iron distributes and holds the heat like cast iron, but much easier to clean and keep looking new. Also keep the heat right on the meat instead of being radiated from underneath.

The hood and body have brushed Stainless Steel Finish and gives an attractive look to the grill. The 304 grade Stainless Steel won't rust and has a lifetime warranty.

Ergonomic control panel which is Stainless Steel, Large, easy to grip knobs, Safety: The knobs cannot be accidentally knocked to the on position (must be pushed in and turned at the same time) for those of you with young ones or frequently have young ones come over, Knobs angled upwards so they can easily be seen and accessed and you know where they are easily, Knobs are protected from grease and oil spatter from underneath.

Roasting Hood

 Award winning design, Incorporates warming rack good for toasting your bread or for light cooking like vegetables and temperature gauge built right into the hood, Balanced design for easier opening and closing and has a zero clearance hood (only two inch clearance behind the grill for hood opening) which is awesome for bbq islands with a backsplash.

Stainless Steel Vaporizer & Heat Deflector System Vaporizers reduce flare up and allow juices to return to the food. Made from stainless steel and formed to prevent warping which in turn makes them last longer. Reflectors reduce energy use by keeping the heat above the burners.

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